These are the things I’ve design for people to use.

I’ve worked on tons of projects over the years, but these are the ones that I’m most proud of. I'm currently working on helping people make great career decisions at SEEK. Before that, I lead the design practice at Open Universities Australia, designed the native mobile apps for Suncorp bank, and lead experience design for a leading London creative agency.

  • Resume Insights

    AI-powered Resume Insights identifies the best matches for your job openings and also crafts personalised interview questions, ensuring you ask the right questions every time.

    Resume Insights

  • SEEK Career Compass

    An interactive AI guide that career changers can quickly answer a few career-related questions, to uncover job roles that resonate with their personal and professional aspirations.

    Career Compass

  • SEEK Career Advice

    I help acquire new users through scaling our career advice products into new markets. Enabling more people to have the confidence to apply, which delivers strategic value to the core business.

  • Creating a visual Customer Journey

    As designers, we often translate complex ideas into relatable experiences. I recently explored a way to use AI to craft a customers journey using storytelling.

    Step-by-step guide

  • Rona Scrubs

    In response to COVID-19, I lead the making of a web app that allowed healthcare heroes to request scrubs (uniforms) made from local volunteers across Australia.

    Case study

  • Suncorp App

    Suncorp App for customers to manage their financial well-being. Enable them to see, store and do everything to manage their money, home, car and health needs in one place.

    App Store

  • PGA European Tour

    I was responsible for overseeing the experience design websites, mobile apps, and product concepts for The PGA European Tour website the live at-event experience of their premiere golf stage.

  • Product design capabilities

    Whether you are just starting out or looking to advance in your current role, that is why I created 6 themes to help you understand the breadth of responsibilities and opportunities available at each level.

    Product design themes