Communicating and documenting your design work: Building trust and collaboration with stakeholders

When it comes to presenting our work to broader stakeholders, we must have clear and effective communication skills. One way to achieve this is by preparing a well-organised and engaging presentation that clearly explains the key features and functionality of our design, and that is tailored to the specific audience and context. We should also strive to be confident and articulate when speaking, and be prepared to answer questions and engage in discussion about our work.

Another essential aspect of our work is documenting our decision-making in a clear and easy-to-understand way. To achieve this, we should have a consistent and organised process for recording and sharing information. This may involve using tools like project management software or design documentation tools to track progress and share updates with the team. We should also provide detailed explanations of the reasoning behind our decisions, and include relevant data and evidence to support them.

In addition to this, it's also important for us to demonstrate that we receive feedback well. We should approach feedback with an open and receptive attitude, and be willing to listen and consider the perspectives of others. We must avoid becoming defensive, and instead focus on understanding the feedback and using it to improve and refine our work. This may involve asking clarifying questions, and being open to changing our design based on the feedback.

Overall, it's essential to approach presenting work to stakeholders, documenting decision-making, and receiving feedback with a friendly and open-minded attitude. By being clear and effective in our communication and by demonstrating a willingness to listen and learn from others, we can build trust and collaboration with our team and stakeholders, and create successful and innovative designs.

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