Writing on building more confidence and adding value in the design process

All of my long-form thoughts on creating the best possible experiences for the customer to create business value, collected in chronological order.

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Product discovery resources

My list of top product discovery blogs from top industry professionals is a great way to keep up to date on new trends, best practices, strategies, and any news related to product discovery.

Designing for clarity

I’m excited to share my thoughts on Brian Chesky’s talk and the value that designers can bring to the table.

Design Principles for Creating High-Quality Products

Learn how to create effective and efficient designs that are aligned with your project is goals and objectives. Discover key design principles for delivering value and impact to your business and users.

Strategies for getting asynchronous feedback

As designers, we rely on feedback from our peers and stakeholders to improve and iterate on our work. However, getting feedback asynchronous whether that be through a video, slack, or online document can present its set of challenges. Here are a few strategies for getting async design feedback that have helped me over the years.

How to Approach Tasks as a Product Designer Tips for Success

Learn how to approach tasks as a product designer with confidence and efficiency. This article offers tips on goal setting, proactive communication, positive attitude, and progress tracking to contribute to the projects success.

Understanding Design Principles and Patterns for Successful Product Design

Learn about important principles and practices for creating designs that demonstrate awareness of existing patterns, contribute to project success, and deliver value to the business. Seek feedback, strive for simplicity, and understand project goals with this guide for product designers.

A Friendly Reminder to Product Designers: Perfect is the Enemy of Good

As a product designer, it is essential to understand that perfect is the enemy of good. By prioritizing goals, making trade-offs, and focusing on important projects, you can help ensure success. Here are some tips to help you navigate your next project with ease.

Meeting Project Deadlines: Tips for Product Designers

Learn how to prioritize your work effectively, communicate with stakeholders, and ship your work with high quality and impact as a product designer. Read our tips for meeting project deadlines and contributing to the success of your team.

How to Stay Productive While Working from Home: Tips and Strategies

Learn how to stay productive and focused while working from home with these tips and strategies. From setting up a dedicated workspace to managing distractions, we have got you covered. Boost your productivity and make the most of your workday.

Tips for providing actionable feedback during design critiques | Product Designer

Providing clear and actionable feedback during design critiques is crucial to improving the quality and impact of the project. Learn tips and strategies for approaching feedback with a constructive attitude and seeking opportunities to help others in this article for product designers.

Mastering Self-Management and Decision-Making for Product Designers

Learn how to excel in your role as a product designer by developing excellent self-management and decision-making skills. Discover tips on prioritizing tasks, seeking guidance and support, developing judgment, and staying open-minded to improve your contributions to your team and projects.

How to be a Proactive and Self-Managed Product Designer

As a product designer, being proactive and self-managed is crucial for success. In this article, we will discuss the importance of understanding project goals, seeking guidance from team members, having a strong work ethic, and being open-minded to learning and growth.

How to be a Self-Sufficient and Motivated Product Designer

Learn how to take ownership of your work, maintain a strong work ethic, and stay motivated as a product designer. Improve your skills and attitude to contribute to the success of your team and the project.

How to work independently and effectively as a product designer

Learn how to require less oversight from your team and be a valuable member of the design team. Get tips on understanding project goals, being proactive and communicative, identifying opportunities, and having a friendly attitude.

Becoming a subject-matter expert as a product designer

Maximise your impact as a product designer by becoming a subject-matter expert. Learn the key steps to gain a thorough understanding of your product, develop intuition and market knowledge, and improve communication and leadership skills.

Building consensus in product decision-making

Discover the importance of approaching product decision-making in a collaborative and inclusive manner. Learn how to gather stakeholder feedback, use qualitative and quantitative reasoning, and ensure the team is working on the right thing. Find out how to drive projects forward and make informed product decisions by focusing on communication and collaboration.

Navigating complex product challenges with confidence

Facing complex product challenges? Here is a guide for product designers to successfully navigate these challenges by combining technical expertise with a strong understanding of the business and customer needs. Learn how to approach complex challenges with an open mind and develop innovative solutions.

Staying ahead in the tooling industry

Stay informed and ahead in the constantly evolving tooling industry as a product designer. Learn how regular research, industry events, and customer engagement can lead to a more in-depth understanding and successful product design.

Essential skills for successful product design

A successful product designer must have the ability to read and interpret requirements, identify gaps, incorporate customer feedback, and stay up to date with industry trends. Learn these crucial skills to design products that meet customer needs.

The Importance of asking good questions in product design

Discover how asking good questions can help you clarify project objectives, seek guidance, and validate assumptions in product design. Learn tips for asking the right questions and setting yourself up for success.

Promoting a positive design culture: Strategies for success

How to promote and uphold a positive and productive design culture within your company. Discover best practices for collaboration and teamwork, acting with humility and openness, seeking out ways to improve, and presenting work confidently. Enhance your ability to create a culture of learning and growth by applying these strategies to your work and interactions with colleagues.

Building a productive design team: strategies for success

How to build a productive design team by regularly sharing context and information, maintaining a positive and solution-focused attitude, and striking the appropriate balance when it comes to confidence. Discover best practices for tracking and sharing information, engaging with other teams and stakeholders, and addressing challenges and setbacks in a friendly and open-minded manner. Enhance your ability to create a culture of learning and growth by applying these strategies to your work on a product design team.

Navigating delegation, stakeholder engagement, and feedback in product design

Learn how to effectively navigate delegation, stakeholder engagement, and feedback in product design by understanding the goals and objectives of the project, providing clear and concise instructions, being responsive and accessible, and approaching feedback with an open and receptive attitude. Create a positive and collaborative design culture by been willing to listen and learn from others.

Building a collaborative design culture: Prioritising progress over being right

Learn how to foster an open and collaborative design culture by prioritising progress over being right, easily explaining rationale for design decisions, and consistently sharing work and documenting thinking in a clear and accessible way. Create a culture of learning and growth by encouraging feedback and collaboration.

Communicating and documenting your design work: Building trust and collaboration with stakeholders

Learn how to effectively communicate and document your design work to build trust and collaboration with stakeholders. Discover best practices for preparing clear and engaging presentations, documenting decision-making, and receiving feedback with an open and receptive attitude. Enhance your ability to create successful and innovative designs by being clear, effective, and willing to listen and learn from others.

Successful design critique: The importance of sharing work and taking feedback gracefully

Learn how to effectively share your work in design critique and take feedback gracefully. Discover the key elements of a successful process including clear and organised presentation, gracious and open-minded attitude towards feedback, providing context and relevant information, and active listening to others. Improve your ability to collaborate and create successful and innovative designs by approaching design critique with a friendly and open-minded attitude.

How to make people famous, (and other stories)

Through compelling storytelling, patience, and the craft that goes into translating theoretical concepts and behaviours into novel humane experiences.

The power of doing as thinking

The best product teams are those that embrace learning what experiences will materially change their path forward and are not afraid to fail