These are the things I’ve design for people to use.

I'm Richard, a partner and dad with a knack for design. From the UK to Melbourne, my journey has been a blend of pixels, parenting, and a passion for creating experiences that matter. I'm excited at the chance to bring my skills to Apple's Applications group. Who wouldn't want to craft designs that literally help people weather the storms of life?

With over a decade in design, I've seen it all, from start-ups to corporates like SEEK and Suncorp bank. I've picked out some of my highlights below for you that are inventive solutions and aha moments. At Open Universities Australia, I innovated online learning experiences that made education accessible for all. Now, I am enabling job seekers to make informed career choices at SEEK.

I don't just design; I present, persuade, and even play the occasional office diplomat. Navigating the maze of stakeholder opinions, and I wouldn't have it any other way…


  • Addressing the complex journey of career change with Career Compass

    Career Compass aims to revolutionise the way people approach career changes. In a dynamic job market, changing careers is almost an inevitability. This tool serves as an interactive guide that simplifies this complex process.

    Case study

  • Leading product design for a unified Career Advice

    Learn how I led the product design work for a successful Career Advice Site redesign across Jobstreet, JobsDB, and SEEK brands, creating a seamless user experience across multiple domains and languages.

    Case study

  • Salary Advice

    Enabling jobseekers to compare salary trends and make career decisions.

    Case study

  • Continuous discovery practice

    A continuous discovery practice for Open Universities Australia.

    Case study

  • Rona Scrubs

    In response to COVID-19, I lead the making of a web app that allowed healthcare heroes to request scrubs (uniforms) made from local volunteers across Australia.

    Case study

  • Redefining the way Australian’s shop for home improvements

    Create and validate a concept for a Bunnings mobile app. By exploring the technical feasibility and practical application of several technologies to support the customer in their pre-shop, in-shop and post-shop experience

    Case study

  • Suncorp App

    Suncorp App for customers to manage their financial well-being. Enable them to see, store and do everything to manage their money, home, car and health needs in one place.

    Case study

  • PGA European Tour

    I was responsible for overseeing the experience design websites, mobile apps, and product concepts for The PGA European Tour website the live at-event experience of their premiere golf stage.

    Case study

  • Airline Loyalty Programme Experience

    MasterCard wanted to expand their business into the loyalty programme sector, so needed a prototype app they could pitch to other businesses.

    Case study

  • AR Presenters Touchscreen

    In 2011, ESPN needed an innovative, 21st Century design concept to visualise and demonstrate tactics to up to one and a half million viewers of their English Premier League show each Saturday.

    Case study